Pressure To Be Perfect Workshop

I should be the kind of parent I thought I would be. Why do I always feel like I'm getting it wrong?

This workshop explores the pressure for mothers / parents to be perfect in our society.

We look at why 'good enough' parenting is actually more healthy for us and our children.

We examine expectations vs. reality of life with children. Finding ways to reframe 'mum guilt' so that it serves you rather than keeping you stuck and unable to change.

This workshop will enable you to:

  • Role model 'good enough' rather than perfect for your children
  • Exit a negative spiral of perfectionism, self criticism and burnout
  • Reduce 'mum guilt' and anxiety about getting it wrong
  • Identify what is truly important to you and your family 



What you'll get:

  • Workshop recording (2 hours)
  • Includes a mix of theoretical content, self reflection exercises and group discussion
  • Split into 4 modules for ease of viewing (like a mini course)
  • Learning journal to accompany workshop 


What People Are Saying:

There were so many 'aha' moments in all honesty. Exploring the shame-isolation-burnout cycle in relation to the idea of being a perfect mother really resonated with me. It allowed me to see how easy it is to stay trapped in that cycle, never feeling like enough however the concept of being 'good enough' alongside being compassionate to myself, feel like great methods to try to improve the levels of exhaustion, burnout and anxiety I have been feeling.


It’s just so beautiful to come along somewhere to a group of women who are sharing similar struggles, and a facilitator who has a lot of wisdom and helpful ways of thinking and holding space for you to actually just sit in reflection for a bit and really start to feel warm fuzzies from the inside rather than the constant going and doing and going and doing.


Ali is so caring and engaged and yet also very real and approachable and funny! There's no floaty new age nonsense or unachievable zen-mastery here, just well thought through, evidence based and truly inspirational content delivered by a mum who knows what mums go through.


Working with Ali has helped me identify parts of my inner self that have been neglected or overlooked, that deserve to be explored and nourished.


Ali has a way of making you feel so understood! I came away feeling like a weight had been lifted.


The workshop was so helpful. It made me realise I'm not alone in feeling this way and it helped me to understand the changes I've gone through since having my baby.


£35.00 GBP

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