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I run birthing courses and workshops in Taunton and online 

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Relax & Prepare:

Holistic Birthing Classes

(for pregnant women / birthing people)

These classes include a truly holistic mix of empowering active birth education, gentle pregnancy yoga, hypnobirth breathing, and deep relaxation.

6 week course. Taunton.

Feel calmer and more confident about your upcoming birth.

Make friends and share the experience of being pregnant.

This class is for pregnant women / birthing people only. But you can combine classes with either an Active Hypnobirthing Course or Workshop to ensure your partner knows how best to support you in birth (please see below).

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Prepare Together:

Active Hypnobirthing Course

(for couples / birth teams)

This in depth 10 hour course has everything you need to prepare for a positive birth with the support of your partner.

4 week course. Taunton (& online).

Each session builds to form a complete picture of the birthing process, with empowering active birth education and hypnobirth techniques to manage every stage with confidence. 

You will receive a comprehensive handbook and guided relaxations. I also offer personal support up to your due date (including a pre-birth coaching call if desired).

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Prepare Together:

Active Hypnobirthing Workshop

(for couples / birth teams)

This condensed workshop is ideal if you are short on time, but would still like to use active hypnobirth techniques to support your positive birth experience.

4 hour session. Taunton (& online).

The workshop is designed to bring you and your birth partner up to speed on everything we cover in birthing classes but in one intensive session.

It includes all the basic principles, breathing techniques and movements for birth. We also cover massage and other techniques that your partner can use to make you more comfortable.

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* Additional Support *


Pregnancy Anxiety or Birth Trauma


I am a qualified counsellor trained in the rewind technique.

This means I can provide you with additional support if you are feeling anxious in pregnancy, or if you need help resolving previous birth trauma. 

Please contact me for further information.

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