I am a good enough mama ... and you are too.

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I am a good enough mama ... and you are too.

Ready to begin? Download your 3 Steps to Daily Calm workbook and audio.

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I didn't always feel that way. 

My name is Ali. I used to spend a lot of time fretting about whether I was doing things right. Sometimes I still do. But questioning yourself is a big clue that you are already good enough!

Now I help women who feel anxious and overwhelmed become more at ease in themselves and their relationships, so that they can spend less time worrying about everything and more time doing what’s important to them.

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Being good enough...

There is part of me that feels that I am never quite good enough. I see it in my friends and almost all the women around me who have become mothers.

We doubt ourselves. We doubt even whether we have the right doubts: 'should I worry about this now?’

We Google our latest preoccupation at 3am in the morning to see if the internet has any answers.

We buy products or parenting books with 5* reviews. You know the ones that promise all the answers. How to get the baby to sleep, the toddler to stop having epic meltdowns, the school age child to be able to make friends.

The stages are different, but the feeling that you are completely incompetent is not.

We have days when we are in the flow with our little people and feel great. We have days when we are so out of synch with them, so wrong, so guilty, so tired, and so overwhelmed. 

We wonder if we have failed them so badly we need to start all over again. We begin the next day with good intentions. We fail to meet the lofty expectations we have set ourselves. And repeat…

But something magical happens when a group of supportive women come together. Those expectations melt away under the balm of shared experience.

We do not

give birth the same way

parent the same way

feed our babies the same way

get them to sleep the same way

but we do all share many of the same concerns, and we passionately want to be the best mothers we can be.

My belief is that you are already a Good Enough Mama. When you work with me, I provide a non judgemental and supportive space for you to begin to trust in yourself.

I will start over with you on those days when you feel like you want another chance to get it right.

I will gently nudge you towards seeing that so much of what you already do is good enough.

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