My approach

Therapeutic Coaching

If you are anything like me, trying to keep on top of the competing demands of work and family, you simply don't have the luxury of time for introspection. But you also have a gnawing sense that you need to tackle areas in your life that are stopping you from being the best version of yourself.


  • Perhaps you have never¬†really recovered from the shock of postpartum.


  • Perhaps you are finding that your return to work feels impossible.


  • Perhaps you've realised that¬†bringing up¬†your child involves a whole lot of re-parenting¬†yourself at the same time.


  • Perhaps the extent of your anxiety or anger scares you, and you don't want to take it out on your kids.


You need an an approach which helps you make sense of why you feel the way that you do, but which also helps you move on in the here and now.

That's where Therapeutic Coaching (a blend of psychotherapy and coaching) can make all the difference. It is both trauma-informed and forward-looking.


If you've tried talking therapy but it hasn't produced lasting change...

Often this is because of unresolved issues from the past or a trauma response. The problem is that many therapeutic approaches do not address behaviour at the nervous system level.

In fact, getting you to repeat what happened can embed old narratives and even be re-traumatising. You may feel that change is not possible for you, and that it is your fault that you can't move on. 


Your nervous system is hardwired to keep you safe. Every time you get drawn back into old habits, or triggered into a stress response, it is because your body has perceived a threat and is trying to protect you.

Your internal warning system is doing exactly what it is designed to do, even though it is not helpful in the moment. We are all wired this way. It is not your fault.


Just as your body has held on to unhelpful ways of protecting you, it can learn how to release unhelpful patterns and become grounded in the present. 

When you work with me, my first job is to ensure that you feel safe. I use a blend of tools and techniques to address specific trauma or to deal with thoughts or emotions that are blocking your growth and healing. 


You can nurture a deep sense of safety and grounding in your body and mind which allows you to be the kind of person you want to be in all areas of your life. 


What is different about my approach?


There are two key elements that set my approach apart from other forms of therapy or coaching you may have tried before:


Firstly, I offer a powerful blend of therapy and coaching

Coaching often triggers a process of deeper emotional work that many coaches are unable to support. I am qualified as a psychotherapist as well as a coach, so that means I can safely hold whatever comes up in sessions.

I can help you to investigate why things feel the way they do, and figure out how to make changes.


Secondly, I work with you as a whole person, helping you to nurture your body as well as your mind.

Many of us live in our heads, but we need a whole person approach if we are are to make lasting shifts in thinking and behaviour. An approach which acknowledges the role of your nervous system in either supporting or sabotaging your best efforts to do things differently.

I bring powerful somatic modalities to help you release trauma, and practical tools that you can continue to use in your life. My aim is to help you to heal in a deeply embodied way rather than leaving you with a surface level story of change that doesn't last.


Mindfulness & Breathwork

Simple guided practices to bring you back to the present moment, grounded in embodied self awareness. Find greater clarity and compassion for yourself and others.

Polyvagal Informed

Develop an awareness of how your nervous system is tuned to react habitually. Learn ways to gradually shift your mind and body towards cues of safety as well as danger. Finally come down off high alert.

EFT Tapping

Harness the body's energy system to support change on a deeper level. Enable stuck patterns and trauma history to be released. Take away the powerful self soothing tool of tapping for use in everyday life.

What does this mean in practice?

My approach is always tailored to your specific situation, but includes the following elements:


1. Helping you come into the present

I share simple mindfulness and embodied self awareness practices to help you stop ruminating on the past or getting stuck in repeated patterns. Anchor yourself in the here and now.


2. Enabling you to regulate your emotions

I give you a clear map to recognise when you are becoming stressed / anxious or low / withdrawn. Begin to respond rather than react.


3. Releasing any unhelpful patterns and triggers

I provide a safe space for you to bring deeper issues. Move on from things that have been holding you back, such as specific trauma or more generalised anxiety.


4. Reframing 'negative' thoughts and emotions 

I help you to explore where and why you have been stuck, and give you tools to make changes. Develop a new perspective.


5. Developing an authentic sense of self

I empower you to find your own truth and happiness. Tune your nervous system to sources of soothing and support rather than fear and isolation.


Here are just some of the things people typically want to know. Please contact me directly if there's anything else you are unsure about.