Mindfulness & Compassion Courses

I run the following live online group experiences throughout the year:

Be calmed:

Mindfulness for Mamas

This is the place to start if you are new to mindfulness. Meet other mums on a 8 week live online introductory course.

Press the pause button on busy mama life. Learn simple ways to incorporate mindfulness into everyday situations.

No need to spend hours sitting in uncomfortable yoga poses. Just straightforward ways to reconnect with yourself and cultivate calm in a way that is far more sustaining than a 24 hour Netflix binge and stuffing a whole packet of Hobnobs. 

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Be soothed:

Self Compassion for Mamas

This is the next step on your mindfulness journey. Learn how to be kind to yourself on an 8 week live online in depth course.

When you stop and look at what's in your mind, you might not like what you find. This is where self compassion comes in. It truly enables you to feel good enough in all your imperfections.

It is not therapy. But it is powerfully self healing. On this course you will experience practices to soothe your heart and soul. 

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* Together we thrive *



I also run Be connected, a free monthly Good Enough Mamas circle on Zoom.

There is a theme, guided meditation and chance to connect with other mums.

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