Be soothed:

Self Compassion for Mamas

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Become more at ease with yourself, your relationships and your parenting

without having to fundamentally change who you are, spend a fortune on therapy, or become dependent on quick fixes that are not healthy in the long term…

If you are a busy mum struggling to feel good about yourself and overwhelmed by the sheer amount of stuff you have to get done

you already know that self care is important

but you simply don’t have the time or energy to add another thing to your to do list.

Here’s what you might not know about the powerful effects of taking a little bit of time to be kind to yourself:

Self care is about more than pampering rituals

Little acts of indulgence can certainly help to shift your current mood. But tackling a sense of dissatisfaction with life demands more than a luxury bath bomb. There is a deeper level of self kindness available to you.

You don’t have to change 

Most of the self help industry exhorts you to become a better version of yourself. True change springs from a growing acceptance of who you already are.

You are already good enough

We all have a collection of

  • failed diets (that you can only ever restart on a Monday)
  • unused gym memberships (that punctuate your bank statement like blackmail payouts)
  • productivity tools (that make you feel less than productive)
  • decluttering challenges (that serve to underline how messy and chaotic your life is)

So you don’t need another checklist of tasks to perform better as a mum / friend / partner / employee.

Making time for yourself gives you more time

At the moment, time most likely feels like an impossibly finite resource. When you reserve even a tiny bit of time for yourself something strange happens. You increase the amount of space in your life. You find clarity around issues that are stopping you from making progress. You get time back in dividends.

Being kind to yourself allows everything to flow

When you start easing up on yourself, another surprising thing happens. Your relationships also start to shift in a positive direction. Whatever was stuck seems to soften and become a bit easier.

But even though the reasons to practice a bit of self care and kindness are obvious, the path to actually doing it is anything but…


  • Perhaps you have a stack of self help books on your bedside table (although you fall asleep before you have the chance to read anything)
  • Perhaps you’ve downloaded a mindfulness app (although you try it for a week but then forget)
  • Perhaps you’ve even taken the step of going on anti-depressants (although you don’t want to stay on them forever)

... and you still remain stranded in a sea of permanent overwhelm.


You try to do the best you can at home, at work and in your parenting. Yet you feel as though you are falling short in the most important areas, and letting everyone down.

This leads to feeling bad about yourself. Which further sabotages your efforts to change.


But I sense that you have an intuition that beating yourself up about everything isn’t going to get you very far!

All you need is a little bit of guidance and support.

You can turn towards that stressy - tired - not - good - enough mama and treat her with some kindness. Then you will find that she is already good enough after all.

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Be soothed: Self Compassion for Mamas

Be soothed is a unique course where we come together live online each week using Zoom.

It builds on

  • my background in psychology and counselling
  • my own mindfulness and compassion practice
  • my hands on experience working with women as they navigate the ups and downs of motherhood
  • and, most importantly, what I have found useful as a mum.

We all know how it is to receive unsolicited parenting advice (which often ends up making you feel worse).


I’m convinced that what mums really need is to be heard and held in compassion.


Be soothed is a small group experience which will provide that safe space for you. It will also build your own capacity for healing.

Throughout the course, my aim is to enable you to

  • Feel better about yourself as you already are
  • Stop comparing yourself to others
  • Find your own authentic voice
  • Tune in to your inner helper, rather than your inner critic
  • Take care of yourself so you can take care of others
  • Reduce your mother load of overwhelm and increase your share of happiness

Here's how we will help you to get there

Each week we will meet for an hour and half on Zoom (please note first session will be slightly longer to include orientation).  

There will also be support via the Facebook group, downloadable audio mediations and reflective workbooks to use between sessions.

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The current round is fully booked.

The next course begins in the New Year.



8.30pm - 10.00pm UK time

9.30pm - 11.00pm CET

12.30pm - 1.30pm PST

3.30pm - 5.00pm EST


7 January
14 January
21 January
28 January


11 February
18 February
25 February
4 March

Be soothed: Self Compassion for Mamas


What you will get

  • 8 live online 1.5 hour group sessions 
  • Small group sizes (maximum of 10 people in each course)
  • Full course workbook with information and reflective exercises for each session
  • Audio downloads of short practices you can access between sessions
  • Ongoing support in the Good Enough Mama community
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What people ask before enrolling on this course

Below you'll find the answers to some frequently asked questions about this course.

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