It takes strength to be gentle - the world needs sensitive people

It took me a while to realise it, but I have come to trust that there is great strength in gently and quietly proceeding through life, not always rushing on in, taking my time, observing everything, and being a reflective sort of person.

My daughter also taught me this from day one.

She arrived in the world loudly proclaiming her sensitivity to external stimuli. She cried a lot. She did not sleep.

The world and his wife told me I should get tough. Cry it out. Early weaning. Separate rooms. Naughty steps. Time outs.

I did not listen.

And although I have doubted myself EVERY step of the way (because society is just not set up to validate a gentle responsive approach to anything) I have by and large felt comfortable with my choices. They may not suit everyone, but they suit us.


Let me tell you a story from a couple of years back …

Clem and I went to a birthday party. One of those bouncy castle in a leisure centre affairs, full of echoing noise, boisterous happy kids, and...

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