True rest allows you to return to yourself

If we are to truly normalise rest, we have to stop shaming mothers for spending time apart from their children. 


True rest is not hiding in the bathroom for 5 minutes peace.

True rest enables you to return to those you love feeling restored.

True rest allows you to return to yourself.




Don't hate me, but by the time you read this, I will have been on a mini retreat. It's something I've done ever since Clem was quite small.

It always enables me to return as a restored, revitalised - and dare I say as someone who believes in 'good enough' - improved version of myself.  




I've seen some powerful comments recently on normalising rest. Particularly after this year and a half of the additional stresses of a global pandemic.

 But why is it that mothers in particular need permission to do this?

 It’s partly because a capitalist society equates worth with productivity.

 It’s also a deeper...

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