Who holds the mother?


Beyond the pile of laundry, never ending ‘to do’ list, meal prep, bottom wiping, pot washing and general chivvying up, much of the heavy lifting of motherhood is emotional.


And emotional labour is often more exhausting than all the physical tasks put together.


Being present for your child during a tantrum.


Creating enough space for them to safely express their full range of emotions.


Regulating yourself well enough to avoid being triggered.


Developing your own emotional literacy so you can better support your child.


Particularly when many of these beautiful gifts may not have been offered to YOU as a child.


All of this is exhausting.


In containing your child’s big emotions, you also need to find ways to be held...


 That holding can be grounding yourself in the present moment through what you can see, hear and touch.


 That holding can be offering yourself a soothing gesture (hand on...

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